Twitter: 130524 [@kafahr] Park Soo Cheol Shares a Still Cut of Dandy Jin and Playful Staff

lol so cute

Translation: “Enjoy watching the 5th episode of Nail Shop Paris. MBC Queen tonight at 23:00. MBC Dramanet 25th May at midnight (What’s in the photo? Jin)”

Source: @kafahr
Translated by: MBLAQSG

Twitter: 130505 [@kafahr] Park Soo Cheol takes a picture of puppy-like Doong! – “Thank you for watching”

ㅋ He looks like a puppy~ You can tell his hair is longer in here too ^^ and fluffier~

Translation: “Thank you for watching ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episodes 1 and 2~ Picture of Jin”

Source: @kafahr
Translated by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Twitter: 130425 [@kafahr] Park Soocheol shares a wistful-looking Jin and adorable main cast still!

Ahh~ Doong-ah, why the wistful face~ ♥ So so excited for the drama which will start airing next week, May 3 ♥ And awww, I absolutely love that group pic of theirs. I’m still so confused whether who Gyuri will end up with but ㅠㅠ definitely jealous of Soyoung who can do couple poses with Thunder ㅜ

Rough translation: “Nail Shop Paris… This time, Jin’s picture…. his hard/difficult expression(?) ㅎㅎ”


Translation: “Nail Shop Paris.. looking at the still pictures continuously..can only think like this..aigoo..let’s work hard to do the post production.. when we really do the press conference and recording wrap party tomorrow..eumnya..a group picture at the end. .eumnya.”


Source: @kafahr
Translated + posted by: Holly@ABM, kamepichan@OhThunder