|TWITTER| 101021 Cheondung on Star Golden Bell

KBSSGB tweeted a new pic of this weeks participants ~~and of course as you all know, Doongie is in the pic 🙂

I so love his hair x)

Source: kbsstarbell twitpic

|CAPS| 101016 JoonDoong at KBS Star Golden Bell

So some caps from today’s SGB episode~~ These two looks so adorable 😀

Caps by leechangsun @AbsoluteMBLAQ

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|PICS| 101011 JoonDoong going to Star Golden Bell-recording

It seems like Doongie is appearing in SGB once again kekekeke*

And I think their comeback is drawing near, because Doongie’s hair color is lighter now….^ ________^

OMO, Can’t wait!!~~

PS. They are using their MCM bags again 🙂

Credit: SweetAttack, Stardust

Re-up by 百度MBLAQ吧

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|CAPS| 101002 KBS Star Golden Bell

I just watched this episode yesterday and atleast we got some Doongie glimpses^^

These caps are showing so many diffrent expressions of our cute Doongie~~

Credit: leechangsun @AbsoluteMBLAQ

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