Video: [ENG SUB] 130710 – MBLAQ on KBS’ ‘K-Pop Backstage Chat’ Episode.12

Hahaha! I love Mir’s comment on how Thunder is, shows how Mir knows Thunder really well. And of course, Park Siblings!

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{UPDATED!!} Video: 130519 [FANCAM] Playful, Crazy Thunder + MBLAQ at KBS Dream Team 2 Recording!

I will update this post as more fancams come ^^

*UPDATE* MirDoong explosion! Thunder hugging, playing and taking care of Mir! 

Super, crazy MBLAQ! MirDoong and JoonDoong too!

MBLAQ playing with ball

Thunder lifting Mir

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Photo: [130520] MBLAQ with Rhythmic Gymnalists at KBS’ Dream Team 2 Recording!

Th-Thunder ㅠㅠㅠㅠ you’re too close to that girl ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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[UPDATED] Photos: 130520 [FANTAKEN] More JoonDoong + MBLAQ at KBS’ Dream Team Recording!

Waahhh~ JoonDoong! I missed these silly two boys together and when they are together, they’re just laughing and adorable!


More under the cut!

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Video: 130520 [FANCAM] Happy Thunder dances to PSY’s ‘Gentlemen at KBS Dream Team 2 Recording!

Hahaha! So cute, Thunder seemed to have been in a really good mood! And we can see that from here~ Cannot wait till June 9!

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