HD Photos: [130604] Playful Thunder at MBLAQ’s ‘Sexy Beat’ Showcase

HOMG. We are forever grateful to thatsright for always sharing these awesome HD photos ♥ MY GOSH, Thunder looks divine! He’s just like a walking adonis statue~

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|VID+TRANS| DoongHo Moment @ ShinPD BTS

This is sooooooooo cute… 😀 I watched the subbed full show before but I didn’t see this clip. I bet Seungho fangirls would want to be in Chundoong’s place. LMFAO.

Credit: yan0516

UPDATE: (Thanks to our lovely blogger Jenni. 😀 This is a rough translation from the Chinese subs in the vid.)

The first part of their clip is Chundoong teasing his Seungho hyung for having “weak” skin, because it was so red from the hat punishment. They show it off, where the camera goes in closer to show the red marks on Seungho’s chin.

In the second part of the clip, Chundoong says, “Hyung, I hate you, don’t talk to me from now on…” and Seungho responds by trying to kiss him a few times, and this chic Chundoong avoids it and says, “…and don’t talk to me during the radio.”

Then Seungho shuts his mouth obediently showing him that he won’t talk to him like he asked, and Chundoong replies with, “That’s right, just stay like that.” ^^

I love DoongHo so much, it kills me. ❤