|FANVID| Dorky MBLAQ Videos

Here’s a Christmas treat from Cherry2Addict.. 🙂

Really miss MBLAQ..

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|VID| MBLAQ Fancams in Chile

Here are some  fancams of MBLAQ in Chile.. Of course, I posted those that focused more on Thunder…  🙂
Credit and thanks to the uploaders of these videos.


credit: Li Martos

Gangnam Style
Thunder at the left side corner, second person wearing white… Him and Mir had synchronized choreography to Gangname Style.. 🙂

credit: Natalia Rojas

Special Stage- Cueca: Chilean Dance

credit: JohaniBanaHani

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|CLIP| 110304 MBLAQ with T-ara and 5Dolls

Nothing much, its just that I spy JoonDoong that’s why I’d like to share it.
And MC Thunder with his mini-speakerphone.. 🙂  He couldn’t find his timing though.. hehe..

credit: kocueuny

|CAPS+VID| 110223 MBLAQ @ Pops in Seoul

Only Seungho, Doongie and Joon appeared in this show. But on the bright side, it got my two favorite Doongie pairings: SeungDoong and JoonDoong 😀

Source: Bestiz

More caps and the vid under the cut!

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|TWITTER| 110121 BTS of Elle girl

MBLAQ’s hairstylist Noh’s tweetpics of The Elle girl spread 😀

Source: Noh Ssam’s Twitter