Twitter: 130426 [@kenzo104] Lee Hong Cheol shares Thunder group pic at ‘Concert Queen’ show + drama conference

Can’t wait for this! I think this show is called ‘Concert Queen’ though I don’t know when it’ll air but we’ll update soon as we found out~ Also, I love how Thunder is always next to Song Jaerim~~ kkk I ship these two!~ Oh and is that a snapshot of MBLAQ on the second pic? Ooh, did they leave a video message~

*No message on tweet*


Translation: *will update soon*


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Twitter: 130426 [@kenzo104] Lee Hong Cheol tweets of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama conference + show


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Twitter: 130425 [@kenzo104] Lee Hong Cheol shares a rowdy-looking snapshot of the drama conference video!

Ahahahha! So cute! Thunder and Song Jaerim looks like they were trying to be bad boys or something putting their feet up! kkk Seriously cannot wait for this!

Translation: *Will update soon*

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