Happy April Fools from Mystic Ent!

For April Fools’ Day, which if you haven’t known already is celebrated every 1st of April (you can look up on Google about the origins of this holiday haha), Mystic Entertainment created this fake news site called “Mispatch” 😂



Mispatch News Facts April 1, 2015 First issue

Cheondung, image transformation renamed to ‘Lightning’
Singing activities as ‘Cheondung’, acting activities as ‘Lightning’…



New home in Mystic Entertainment “Cheondung”…renamed as “Lightning”

Having recently moved to his new home Mystic Entertainment, Cheondung has filed for a rename symbolizing a new start. With previous activities focused on music, Cheondung hopes to establish an image transformation with his renaming to “Lightning” as he plans to further extend his activities into acting.

Mystic Entertainment’s CEO Yoon Jongshin positively accepted Cheondung’s request and gave him encouragement.

Cheondung said that, with “Thunder” for music activities and “Lightning” for acting activities, he hopes the strong image of an all-around entertainer known as both “Thunder and Lightning” will be imprinted on the minds of the public.

In other news, Cheondung has been confirmed to star in MBC’s ‘Make a Woman Cry’ and thus begins his acting activities. ‘Make a Woman Cry’ is scheduled to air this April.

Source: Mispatch
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

In the last article on the Mispatch webpage, it says Yoon Jongshin and “Mispatch” signed an agreement to monitor Mystic Entertainment’s artists, with Yoon Jongshin saying that now he can watch out for any secret love affairs and the artists protesting because it’s an invasion of their privacy 😂

Video + Rough Translation: [CUT] 130517 Sweet Sorrow’s Kim Woo Young mentions Thunder and MBLAQ at radio show!

LMFAO IONO you guys XD so random but funny XD I wonder if Thunder or MBLAQ has close affiliations with Sweet Sorrow ^^


‘Sweet Sorrow’ is a fairly known korean acapella group.

“Someone (most likely a fan listening to the radio) asked why people say thunder lightning instead of lightning thunder so Woo Young explained because MBLAQ’s Thunder likes to meet people & hits lightning. So whenever he sends texts msgs to people it’s like thunder’s lightning. (super fast?) Basically, a viewer asked why people think thunder comes first then lightning instead of lightning then thunder. so he explained with MBLAQ’s Thunder.”

Source: mblaqthunder1007
Rough translation by: @YGLjokergk
Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder