Twitter: [@krungy21] 130808 – Dara Uploads a Winking and Kissable Cap of Thunder from 2NE1’s #DOYOULOVEME MV!


Translation: “DoongDara”

Source: @krungy21
Translated/Posted by: kamepichan@ohThunder


HD Screencaps: [130807] Kissable Thunder @ 2NE1’s #DOYOULOVEME Music Video!

Chuuu~~~ I want to kiss you >////<~~~ 2NE1’s song is amazing and Thunder made it even more exciting!

2NE1 - DO YOU LOVE ME M-V.mp4_000104562 2NE1 - DO YOU LOVE ME M-V.mp4_000104729 2NE1 - DO YOU LOVE ME M-V.mp4_000039205

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