HD Photos: [130609] Mannequin-like Thunder at Mini Fan-meeting after Inkigayo

His broad chest~~ I keep trying to look through his clothes to see his abs >///<

z10 z9 z6

More under the cut!

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Official Photos: [130529] Ethereal MBLAQ for Mini Album ‘Sexy Beat’ Official Image Releases!

HOMG! Everyone looks so unreal but Thunder just looks so perfect! He looks like a Greek sculpture! Slender, smooth and perfect! And Mir looks so different! Every

jtune_official_1532029996183017753 jtune_official_2598569746581672646 jtune_official_6068170586706464582 jtune_official_7573046497955687085 jtune_official_5791573026020264666 (1)

Source: jtunecamp facebook
Reuploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder