Magazine/Transcription: [130917] MBLAQ Shows Their Mature Side @ ‘Contents of Korea’ Magazine!

The original sexy-dol’s quintessence. Global-dol MBLAQ, captivates the global fans! From dark, smokey faces to sweet smiles, MBLAQ the possessors of thousands faces have met COK during their busy world tour schedule.


G.O: “It’s been a year and six month since our last performance. We could say that the music this time, is a bit different than the ones before. If our music in the past were powerful and majestic, the song called “Smoky Girl” in this mini album is rather effective?”

Joon: “‘Smoky Girl’ can perhaps be translated as ‘restrained sexiness’. Should we say, we tried expressing the hidden, potential sexiness in a person bit by bit? Haha… if you look at our outfits, they are see-through. We were thankful to our fans for calling us ‘critical sexiness’. We were glad they took in our intentions.”


Mir: “We wanted to show not only a transforming/developing MBLAQ, but also a dynamic MBLAQ as well. We were able to create a perfect album, thanks to collaborating with the hottest producers these days, Primary and Amoeba Culture’s Zion T. Personally, we are very satisfied with this album. At first we were actually worried if the fans will like the music or not, but since it’s loved by many, we are more than glad.”


Mir: “I am the typical ‘library type’ of person. I have to write down the lyrics right away after listening to a song. That produces better lyrics.”

Thunder: I am inspired by listening to masterpieces. If my production does not flow smoothly, I take the day off. I wait until that inspiration comes back and then go to work again.”


Seungho: “For albums ‘Sexy Beat’, ‘Love Beat’ and others as well, we are all engaged in composing the songs and lyrics. Although it is a stressful job, we enjoy doing it. And of course, we have so much more to learn. We have to put inmore effor to produce better songs.”

G.O: “I tend to produce music better when I am sentimental. Then I can concentrate better. I want to try producing a R&B song with the theme ‘things good to have in mind when you are in love’.”


Thunder has confessed that he wants to try many(?) things that he has never done in the past. He has promised us that he will reveal his challenge in the next interview with COK.



 MBLAQ: “We have performed on a stage that would never be forgotten. We have truly felt the meaning of ‘passion’. Although we have performed in front of tens and thousands of people in the past, this concert gave is the true meaning of ‘heat’.

As soon as we appared on stage and the musics went on, we could not hear our own MR. That was because the shouts from the crowd was absolutely powerful. After the concert, we suffered from sore throats for over a month. We believe we were also excited and also shouted unintentionally. It just ives us the goosebumps thinking about it again.”


Not only South America but Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and etc., many Europeans fans have created a community page in Youtube and Facebook. They have expressed their concerns for MBLAQ’s ‘2013 MBLAQ Global Tour’. The first stage in this global tour will be Mexico which has been schedule in an answer to Mexican fans’ most ambitious support.

Mexico Episode

1. Although there were emergency situations with fans fainting and such, the quick treatment avoided people getting serious hurt…

2. There were many couples within the crowd, singing along with the songs MBLAQ was emotionally moved the scenery.

3. The most popular member in Mexico is, the youngest Mir! Mir is the true “South American style” that everyone acknowledge.


MBLAQ: “We performed over three major cities starting from Nagoya, Tokyo and osaka. Since our last concert ‘BLAQ’, this was our second exclusive concert in Japan. We, as performers, were excited as well after the concert was over, we were excited again to hear the people complimenting about our performance. However, we are regretful for not being able to meet much more forans. We were also very sorry to heart that some could not attend the concert because the tickets were out. We are planning to prepare a bigger concert so that many more fans can come.”

The rumors about the joy and excitement at the first concert has sparked across the country that not even MBLAQ fans urged for an additional stage. In addition _____ Nippon(?) Network Corporation had all focused their attention on MBLAQ‘s Global Tour, that on the day of the performance the rivalry between the press was a war zone.


From KARA, 2NE1, Crayon Pop, for the first time! MBLAQ has performed a girl group dance. The fans did not save a single applause for their transformation. Especially, Thunder who did an outstanding job in synchronizing his sister, Sandara Park.

On the last day in Tokyo, the fans pleaded continuously for an encore stage that MBLAQ carried out two encore stages. In MBLAQ‘s history, this was the first time for a double encore.


MBLAQ: “We are happy that our global tour, once imagination, has actually come to reality. Asia, Europe and South America of course, we are planning a fair schedule. We want to visit as many countries as we can to meet with out fans all over the world. But of course, we have to meet with our South Korea fans as well~ Although the exact dates are not confirmed yet, we will be announcing some good news shortly.”


The members all expressed that meeting the people living on the opposite side of the world is like a dream. The five men during the interview could not hide their happy faces.

MBLAQ has statged that they are willing to go anywhere to perform for their fans. Along with 2013 Global Tour, the members also promised to particpate enthusiastically in other fields as signers, actors, MC’s and musicians as well.


Another Challenge

MBLAQ: “We always thought about challenging ourselves in things that we have never came into contact with. But for the meantime we want to focus on what is waiting for us on the opposite side. We will do our best to become more mature singers, actors, music producers, and anything that we can have put effort in the past. We want to create a much more valuable title for ourselves.”


Future Plans

MBLAQ: “First, we will continue with our global tour. We are not quite clear about our future plans, but we will do our best to stand in front of you again as soon as we can. Please support us~”

MBLAQ the chic-dol with a four-year experience. Our time with these honest and easy-going men were a pleasant one.

MBLAQ: The spreaders of the happy virus! We are already curous to know what they will be presenting to us next in the near future! We will support MBLAQ, the victors who will soon be born as a global-dol.



MBLAQ is like a second family for us. We have been together through the whole time supporting for each other. Just like the word “family”, feels like you have someone behind your back. Whether as five or individuals, we will support each other until the end.”

“COK readers, this was MBLAQ. Please look forward to our developments! We will promise to retrun to you as much more pleasant musicians! The weather has turned a bit chilly so take care of your health. Be happy always~ Thank you!”

Source: MBLAQ1017
Transcribed by: kamepichan @ OhThunder
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Video: [FANCAM] 130808 – Thunder’s “Don’t Go” Solo Perf in MBLAQ’s Mexico Concert!

*___* Thunder, can you just give me a minute and breathe? >___< I love his outfit there and the chair andfaskjdfaskldjflask;djf so awesome ♥ I would love to see it live!

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Press Photos: [130811] Bare Faced Thunder/MBLAQ Arriving @ Incheon Airport from Mexico!

Thunder looks so tired T-T I hope he gets some rest soon! His eyebags could rival Seungho’s!… Well maybe not, but he has heavy rings under his eyes ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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Twitter: [@BangMir] 1308011 – Mir Uploads a Selca w/ Thunder & Seungho Wearing Wrestling Masks!

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Translation: “(We) came..”


Source: @BangMir
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Photos: [FAN-TAKEN] 130808 – Sexy Thunder + MBLAQ at Concert in Mexico!


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