Twitter: [@krungy21] 130805 – Dara Shares Another Gorgeous Selca w/ Thunder – ” Drink milk, our Doong-ie ^_^ Milk fits you well~~~”

HOMFG ♥ Park Siblings, i love you so much, you guys are perfect ♥ And some of you may know, Thunder is allergic to alcohol therefore he can’t drink ^^ I’m glad he didn’t succumb to peer pressure or the mood of the party and get sick from drinking ^^ I love our responsible man~


Translation: “At the DYLM party I handed Chundoong-ie a nice yummy beer & he quietly asked me if there was any juice because he isn’t going to drink ㅎㅎ Okay~ Drink milk, our Doong-ie ^_^ Milk fits you well~~~”

Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @saraseoul