*UPDATED* Scans+TRANSLATION: 130416 Chic and laughing MBLAQ are all in black for K-RUSH Japanese Magazine Vol.08!

Ooooh, they look so serious kkk XD I love these japanese magazines and I love how Thunder’s hair just pops! Hopefully, someone will upload solo pics! Also, the mega-watt smiles are hilarious! kkk And gah, the JoonDoong love! HOMG! I missed it!


Blood Type: Type A
Size: 181 cm
Foot size: 26 cm

Favorite cafe menu: Hot chocolate and cocoa since I can’t drink coffee
Hobby: Watching movies
Food you’re current addicted to: Chocolate
Favorite brand: Balmain
Favorite shoe brand: Jordan


Each member is asked a question about Thunder, and they answered it from their perspectives.

-Seungho was asked what made Thunder sad recently.

Seungho: “I haven’t seen him much recently since he’s busy with filming “Nail Shop in Paris.” But I’ll tell you next time you interview me for sure!”

-Joon was asked what would make Thunder mad.

Joon: “When I take away his cellphone that he never let go of? Just kidding. He doesn’t get mad much. So, I think he won’t get mad no matter what you do to him.”

-G.O. was asked when Thunder seems happy.

G.O: “When he’s talking with his family on the phone.”

-Mir was asked what Thunder is recently focusing on (crazy about).

Mir: “Nails. He studies about nails because of his drama.”

-What is “true Thunder” that you can’t show to your fans?

Seungho: ” He’s crazy about his cat “Dadoong.” It’s just too much….can’t show it.”

G.O: “He’s full of love for his family. So when he’s talking with his family on the phone, he seems very happy.”

Joon: “Sometimes he smiles like an innocent little child. Oh, wait, I want to show that smile to our fans!”

Mir: “Surprisingly, he seems to like taking pictures. He poses funny and takes pictures during work. Once I saw him collecting those pictures (laugh).”


Thunder & Joon

Q: If you name this pair, what it would be?

Thunder: “I have a name in mind!”
Joon: “Isn’t it “Chang Sang Hyun”? (laugh)”
Thunder: “Yes! To make people know our real names! (laugh)”

Q: When do you feel “oh I am glad to be in the same group with this person”?

Thunder: “When I see Joon hyung in variety shows or drama. It makes me proud!”
Joon: “Thunder wears any clothes perfectly because of his figure. Don’t you think having a person like that in the group makes me look cool (good) also? (laugh)”

Thunder’s Ideal Mona Lisa

-Love is…
Thunder: “Thumpity-thump! (Pounding heart!)”

-Requirements for a woman you’d fall for…

“1. Someone I can feel secure and relax.
2. Someone who is charming (someone who has aegyo).
3. Someone who is innocent/pure”

-What kind of personality you’d want her to have?
Thunder: “Someone like noona (He didn’t refer to Dara, but he said older women).”

-What kind of fashion style do you want her to have?
Thunder: “Style that matches with mine.”

-Favorite scent?
Thunder: “The scent of soap”

-What kind of woman’s action makes you think “oh she’s cute!”?
Thunder: “When she laughs.”

-The first thing you see when you meet a woman
Thunder: “Eyes”

-When you like someone, what would you do first?
Thunder: “I will appeal (approach) to her by showing myself”

-What is your turned off?
Thunder: “When she uses bad words (when she cusses).”


Thunder & G.O.

Q: If you name this pair, what it would be?

G.O: “I heard that you want to name us “Byeong Sang Hyun” (laugh).”
Thunder:  “G.O. and Thunder, we both have stage names, so I want people to know our real names! So, “Byeong Sang Hyun” it is!”

Q: Please confess your “thanks too” that you haven’t said.

Thunder: “We haven’t said “thank you” much since we are in the same group.”
G.O: “Okay, then I go first! Thunder always listens to my story till the end, and I appreciate it a lot. Recently, we started to talk about composing music or anything music related. Even though Thunder is very tired from his work, he always listens to my endless talk. He’s really a nice kid.”
Thunder: “(Embarrassed). Then…I’d tell you too, “thank you so much too!”


Thunder’s answers when he was asked about his members

-Thunder was asked what Joon is recently focusing on (crazy about).

Thunder: “Iris 2.” He’s filling it right now!

-What is “true Joon” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “We are so honest, so there’s nothing we have to hide (laugh). But when he’s deeply asleep, he sleeps his mouth open. I don’t think we can show that.”


-Thunder was asked when Seungho seems happy.

Thunder: “When he eats (laugh).”

What is “true Seungho” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “There’s no “true Seugho” we want to hide..but I don’t want everyone to see Seungho hyung talking to his car (laugh).”


Thunder was asked what makes Mir mad.

Thunder: “Mir is a really positive kid, I haven’t seen him getting mad. But he’d be mad if someone loses his precious manga collection that he had collected so hard (laugh).”

-What is “true Mir” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “His cheerful and positive personality…everything you see in him is Mir’s “everything”, so there’s nothing to hide!”


-Thunder was asked what made G.O. sad recently.

Thunder: “He doesn’t show us those emotions even if he’s sad, but I heard that he cried when he watched some movie (laugh).”

-What is “true G.O.” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “The speed of his mustache/beard is really fast! So we can’t show him in the morning and at night when he doesn’t do any care.”


From Twitter: Fans requested the situations they wanted to see.

Thunder and Joon: (From a fan) “I remember you two did the parody of a commercial (the one with Dara and Lee Min Ho). Joon tried to kiss Thunder. Please do that again!”

Please show us your favorite choreography
*They showed “This is war” choreography.

Please show us your cutest expression that you’re confident with!
*Thunder did his kissy chu face ♥*



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Video: [CUT] 130416 Thunder, Mir and Joon short appearance at Y-Star’s Style News Ep. 458

This was during their appearance at Hamil school ^^

Source: mblaqthunder1007

Photo: [ENDORSEMENT] 130415 Thunder and Mir endorses HANGTEN clothes

*UPDATED* Photos: 130412 Smiling Thunder, Mir and Joon with Kim Tae Woo at Hamil School!

Omo, apparently Thunder, Joon and Mir were at this alternative school and since there are cameras around them, they are filming? It seems to be pretty recent as Thunder’s fluffy blonde hair and Mir’s black hair is the same now~ I hope we see them in school uniforms!


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Video: [CUT] 130407 Shinhwa’s Hyesung mentions Thunder on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

Hahaha, so this is the episode where Mir and his mom were guests and I think they(Shinhwa) was trying to guess the name of Mir’s sister (which is Go EunAh) and Hyesung suddenly answers “MBLAQ’s Cheondung” and they all yell at him that they were talking about Mir and not Thunder XD

“What?! What Thunder?!”

Hyesung: “Isn’t Thunder noona Sandara Park?!”

lmao and at the end, the two guys had speech bubbles that said “Are you an idiot?”

at 0:51

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