Videos: [FANCAMS] 130721 – Seungho & Mir “Bully” Thunder @ CheongJu ‘Sexy Beat’ Fan-sign!

kkk MBLAQ members just love playing around with Thunder XD Hahah of course, A+ protects our baby Doong but MBLAQ will never hurt him~~ hehehe they just tease him oh so cutely~ I loved it when Seungho was about to “hit” Thunder and the fans went “NOOOOOO” and Seungho had this priceless face XD kkk



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Video: [ENG SUB] 130710 – MBLAQ on KBS’ ‘K-Pop Backstage Chat’ Episode.12

Hahaha! I love Mir’s comment on how Thunder is, shows how Mir knows Thunder really well. And of course, Park Siblings!

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Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130629 – Playful Thunder Steals Seungho’s Food + MBLAQ at Incheon Fan-Sign Event!

kkkk~~~ Thunder’s so cute stealing food from Yang leader and of course, Yang Leader gives him a glare (this is food we’re talking about) but he loves Thunder so he lets him XD kkk

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Endorsement: [130627] Thunder & Mir Endorsing PREDDY during ‘Hello Baby’ Days

AWWWWW, don’t you guys miss ‘Hello Baby’?? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I need to see MBLAQ in another variety show please.

hellobaby_03 hellobaby_04

Source: Monjibou via ABM

Twitter: [@showchampion1] Show Champion Twitter Shares a Cute Maknae Line Selca

Awww, kkk the fake maknae and the real maknae! Either way, the maknae line~

Translation: “MBLAQ Chundoong and Mir~ Cuteness stuck on their faces^^ But on the stage eyes are focused! Gushing sexy~ Please confirm the Show Champion original live broadcast in a little while at 6 o’clock!”

Source: showchampion1
Translated by: Holly @ ABM