Magazine Scan: [130926] Thunder Looking Chic Casual for Vogue Girl Magazine!

OMGAH, I feel like it’s been forever since Doongie did solo shoots T-T I missed it.


Source: @twinsister07

Press Photos: [130814] Thunder Flaunts his Milky Skin @ Incheon Airport (Departure to Japan)

Wahh~ Thunder in a sleeveless top ♥ HOMFG his milky skin, and he just looks like a model in here i cant even x___x

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Source: StarN via cd4452

Photos: [FANTAKEN[ 130614 – Model Thunder Walking to Music Bank Recording

Gah, perfect skin and long limbs~~ *__* Thunder, you adonis you! And those white chocolate arms, my oh my~

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{UPDATED!} Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130608 Model-like Thunder/MBLAQ after Music Core Recording

Aigoo, I’m just so enamored by Thunder wearing rings recently! He usually doesn’t apart from ‘Y’ era but I guess it’s part of their concept? N’ertheless they look sexy on his hands. Thunder is so chic during the performances but off-stage he becomes cute kkk And MBLAQ in these navy blue pinstripe suits, they looked models shooting a pictorial! Handsome MBLAQ!

Source: thatsright, thego