Photo: [131016] MBLAQ for MTV Taiwan


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Video: [130626] MBLAQ’s Interview with MTV K: Sexy Beats – MBLAQ Talks ‘Smoky Girl’

Silly MBLAQ~~~ and awww,  they wanted to go the Philippines guys T-T

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Photos: [130619] MBLAQ Filming @ Ryunique Studios for MTV Interview

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|VID+TRANS| 100916 MTV 日韓音樂瘋- Taiwan Interview

So this is one of the Taiwanese music programs that interviewed MBLAQ during their Taiwan trip. G.O was basically in charge 4/5 of the interview, but Doongie got to answer a few questions too.

Calvin from Fahrenheit [飞轮海] introduced MBLAQ and then it was the female host that took care of the interview [she is actually a Korean].  They talked about their first impression of Taiwan, Lee Joon’s health problem, how they maintain their great bodies, how Rain gave them new bags for their trip, leaving a message to Rain, memorable things the fans have done for them…

Then they talked about how to pose so you can show off a beautiful body or how to look handsome~! G.O said, when Cheondung is posing for some photoshoots he always become the main focus, so he suggested that Cheondung should show us some poses.

Doongie became a bit shy [so cute xD] and said after the cheerings “didn’t expect such enthustiastic responses.” He then continued to say that pose while standing is important but even when you sit and want to display a good bodyline, the angle is very important. His legs became so long^^ and G.O is teaching you how to significantly show your neckline so that your face looks smaller 🙂

And then the host got to the question where she asked “What kind of features that MBLAQ have that is unlike the other groups?” DoongDoong said that he had discovered something that is unlike anyone, which is that everyone’s voice is unique. Suddenly Joon burst out a “Moo?” which means “What?” Then Doongie had to explain that to him again^^ A little JoonDoong moment x__X

And this interview ended with the members messages to the Taiwanese fans.~

Credit: yinglisa5387 @YT