Video: [PERF] 130629 – MBLAQ Performs ‘Smoky Girl’ on MBC Music Core!

Thunder sleeveless is just ♥__♥ but I hate that they’re cutting the beginning ‘Smoky Girl’ part of Thunder’s… =”=

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Video: [PERF] 130622 – MBLAQ performs ‘Smoky Girl’ on MBC’s ‘Music Core’

I’m sure we all have our own… distinct feelings about this but look at MBLAQ’s flawlessness and Thunder’s arms ♥ /powerhugseveryone

{UPDATED!} Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130608 Model-like Thunder/MBLAQ after Music Core Recording

Aigoo, I’m just so enamored by Thunder wearing rings recently! He usually doesn’t apart from ‘Y’ era but I guess it’s part of their concept? N’ertheless they look sexy on his hands. Thunder is so chic during the performances but off-stage he becomes cute kkk And MBLAQ in these navy blue pinstripe suits, they looked models shooting a pictorial! Handsome MBLAQ!

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Video: [CUT] 130608 MBLAQ Backstage Interview + Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl Comeback Performance at Music Core

OTL. Seriously, our boys are just so silly XD Mir is so hyper! HOMGG and is it me or is the point of interest in Thunder’s outfit seems to be his chest and collarbones… =////= seriously loving Sexy Beat choreo! And the fanchants was super awesome!

Backstage interview

Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl

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Video: [CUT] 130601 – Preview of MBLAQ’s Comeback on Music Core

Who’s excited?! XD

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