Twitter: 130524 [@kafahr] Park Soo Cheol Shares a Still Cut of Dandy Jin and Playful Staff

lol so cute

Translation: “Enjoy watching the 5th episode of Nail Shop Paris. MBC Queen tonight at 23:00. MBC Dramanet 25th May at midnight (What’s in the photo? Jin)”

Source: @kafahr
Translated by: MBLAQSG

Twitter: 130505 [@kafahr] Park Soo Cheol takes a picture of puppy-like Doong! – “Thank you for watching”

ㅋ He looks like a puppy~ You can tell his hair is longer in here too ^^ and fluffier~

Translation: “Thank you for watching ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episodes 1 and 2~ Picture of Jin”

Source: @kafahr
Translated by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Twitter: 130428 [@kafahr] Park Soo Cheol shares a photo of Cutie Jin


Translation: “Nail Shop Paris..finished part 1,2 mixing…really only a few days left until the broadcast, huh.. (The picture is cutie Jin)”

Source: @kafahr
Translated by: Holly @ ABM