Video: [PERF] 130626 – MBLAQ Performs ‘Smoky Girl’ on Show Champion!


Video: 121229 MBLAQ red carpet, performs ‘RUN’ remix + Dara fangirling over MBLAQ at SBS Gayo Daejun

MISSED MBLAQ AND THUNDER!!! Ahh~~~ Thunder’s hair is so long but I still like it~~ It reminds me of his hair during CRY era (which I loveee~) And also Park Siblings hits it again! Dara was caught fangirling over Thunder as she was trying to use her phone as an LED light to support MBLAQ… or just fancam-ing her own brother! The best noona ever!

Red carpet


Thunder seating and guarding next to his Dara noona! Although 2AM’s Changmin began to talk to Dara… OTL lol

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|VID+GIF| Doongie performing Rain’s “Bad Guy”

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|VIDS| Doongie from Oh Yeah days

Rapping his part:

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