{UPDATED w/ HD} Magazine Scans: [131004] Thunder Goes Rugged for 2013 F/W Marie Claire 2 Accessories!

o///o…. ahem. *cough* >////<

마리끌레르_천둥4 마리끌레르_천둥5 마리끌레르_천둥1 마리끌레르_천둥3 마리끌레르_천둥2

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Video: [130816] MBLAQ ‘Smoky Girl’ Photoshoot for ‘KWAVE’ Magazine

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Videos: [130812] MBLAQ @ ‘Love Beat’ Album Jacket Photoshoot + ‘Pray’ Recording

Jacket Photoshoot

Recording ‘Pray’

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Photos: [130618] MBLAQ Behind-the-Scenes of Album Comeback Photoshoot

Doesn’t everyone look dashing?And hahaha, because Thunder was scared of the snakes he couldn’t have it around him like the other members did so its just on the floor with him XD

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