Twitter: [130928] Dara Changes Hair Colour & Thunder Comments – “It’s pink!!!!!”

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Dara: “I need love too… Dara fans, give more efforts~ Only take pictures of me!!! Only me!!! Like this~”

Thunder: “It’s pink!!!!!” (Dara’s hair)

Dara: “yeah.. I didn’t copy you~ kekeke”

Source: @shpthunder, @krungy21
Translated by: @kristinekwak, @ilove2ne1girls

Twitter: [@shpthunder] 130919 – Thunder Greets Chuseok w/ a Winking Selca! – “Throwing Pink Doong after a long time!!”


Translation: “Have a pleasant Chuseok everyone!! Throwing Pink Doong after a long time!!”

Source: @shpthunder
Translated by: Holly @ ABM

Photos/Scans: [130825] Mannequin-like Thunder Holds a Snake for ‘K& MBLAQ’ Zepp Tour Magazine!

Ah! Thunder holding a snake! This was from their ‘Sexy Beat’ album jacket photoshoot and remember how Thunder’s photocards were the only one that didn’t have a snake cos he said he was scared of them? Hahaha! It turns out he did hold them but he couldn’t maybe just take a shot w/ a snake on his shoulder!~~~ And his pink hair ~~~

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Source: lunabb

Magazine Scans: [130722] Thunder is Ethereal-looking @ Haru Hana Magazine!

Oh his pink hair! Gah, it’s only been days since he’s dyed it back to black but gah, I miss his pink hair already! He looks gorgeous whatever color but his pink hair was just amazing on him! And he looks so handsome here *dies* ♥


Source: @bblunagd
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Twitter: [@arirangworld] 130621 – Arirangworld Twitter Tweets About Pink Thunder

YESSS, Thunder looks so ethereally handsome ♥ That pink hair suits him sooooo well~~~

@arirangworld: “[ASC] #천둥 from #MBLAQ @MBLAQCD looks really nice with pink color. =] #스모키걸


Source: @arirangworld
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