News Article: [130620] Thunder explains he dyed his hair pink to keep a promise with fans


A lot of fans were shocked when they saw Thunder‘s new pink hair for ‘Smoky Girl, but he apparently did it to keep a promise to his fans.

He was a guest on SBS Power FM‘s ‘CulTwo Show‘, and he was asked about his new hair color. He revealed, “I actually did this as a promise to fans. When I saw miss A Jia‘s hair [for ‘Bad Girl Good Girl‘], I promised I’d have the same hair to my fans. I was finally able to keep my promise after 3 years.”

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Photo: [130608] Super Cute Close-Up Selca of Thunder

So so so so cute! I think this is Doongie’s tradtional selca pose~ A small smile with kitty cat eyes~~ ♥

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Photos: 130515 [FANTAKEN] Broad-Chested Thunder at Gimpo Airport Departing to Japan


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More HD Photos: [FANTAKEN] Part 2 of Enthrallingly Pink Thunder at Ulsan Upsquare Opening Ceremony

HD guys! HOMGGG. He’s so handsome it hurts ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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Video: 130506 [FANCAM] Chic Thunder performing ‘MONA LISA’ at Samsung Display Festival

gah, seriously cannot wait for their comeblaq ♥

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