Twitter: [@shpthunder] 130919 – Thunder Greets Chuseok w/ a Winking Selca! – “Throwing Pink Doong after a long time!!”


Translation: “Have a pleasant Chuseok everyone!! Throwing Pink Doong after a long time!!”

Source: @shpthunder
Translated by: Holly @ ABM

Photo: [130812] Thunder is a Pink Gentleman for ‘Love Beat’ Cover Album Filming!


Source: GreywithJoon, duyoungjung

Twitter: [@arirangworld] 130621 – Arirangworld Twitter Tweets About Pink Thunder

YESSS, Thunder looks so ethereally handsome ♥ That pink hair suits him sooooo well~~~

@arirangworld: “[ASC] #천둥 from #MBLAQ @MBLAQCD looks really nice with pink color. =] #스모키걸


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Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130604 Muscle-toned Thunder with Seungho at MBLAQ Comeback Showcase

Those arms… *ㅠ* Gah, Thunder you white chocolate piece of delight! And Seungho next to you is just a major treat ♥ And is it me or did his pink hair get more vibrant? lol It looks lovely on him!

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Official Photos: [130529] Ethereal MBLAQ for Mini Album ‘Sexy Beat’ Official Image Releases!

HOMG! Everyone looks so unreal but Thunder just looks so perfect! He looks like a Greek sculpture! Slender, smooth and perfect! And Mir looks so different! Every

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