(UPDATED!!) Videos: 130503 [CUTS] Thunder as ‘JIN’ in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 01+02

Found and uploaded this XD Hahaha, pouting Thunder and askdjfaksjdf;lkasj Thunder with wet hair is amazingly nggffff. His unique way of drying his hair! XD Hahahah!

*Will update as more come*

Episode 01

Episode 02

“JIN’s unique way of drying his hair”

“Pouting JIN in ‘Nail Shop Paris”

Source: redthreaddreams4

Twitter: 130501 [@nailshop2013] Pouting Thunder at ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama still cut + Queen Concert Talk Show

Hahaha, I love how its pouting Thunder everywhere!

Translation: “Now at rehearsal~!”

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Translated + posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder