|PICS| MBLAQ recording in Myungdong for a Pray for Japan event

Not sure of this event, but I saw the chinese characters for Japan at the back, so I’m assuming it’s a event for this incident with Japan. It’s an event arranged by MBC and there are other idols there since I saw Kahi from after School in of the pics. Everyone’s mood are quite down that day.

Credit: as  tagged

Re-uploaded by 百度MBLAQ吧

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|PIC| 110316 MBLAQ & IU @ a SBS Pray for Japan show

Not sure of the show’s name, but it’s related to the terrible earthquake in Japan.

Credit: as tagged, bestiz

|CAP+LINK| 110316 MBLAQ giving their support to Japan


Credit: elj147 @ 百度MBLAQ吧

If interested in seeing this here is the link to the vid: