Photos: [OFFICIAL] 130620 – MBLAQ with Ivy, Heyne at Cultwo Radio Show!



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Video: [RADIO] 130610 – MBLAQ on SBS POWER FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game”

Source: G.O MBLAQ via ABM

Video + Rough Translation: [CUT] 130517 Sweet Sorrow’s Kim Woo Young mentions Thunder and MBLAQ at radio show!

LMFAO IONO you guys XD so random but funny XD I wonder if Thunder or MBLAQ has close affiliations with Sweet Sorrow ^^


‘Sweet Sorrow’ is a fairly known korean acapella group.

“Someone (most likely a fan listening to the radio) asked why people say thunder lightning instead of lightning thunder so Woo Young explained because MBLAQ’s Thunder likes to meet people & hits lightning. So whenever he sends texts msgs to people it’s like thunder’s lightning. (super fast?) Basically, a viewer asked why people think thunder comes first then lightning instead of lightning then thunder. so he explained with MBLAQ’s Thunder.”

Source: mblaqthunder1007
Rough translation by: @YGLjokergk
Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder

{UPDATED} Photo: 130425 [FANTAKEN] Thunder, VIXX’s N and GO at Sukira Radio Show!

This was when GO and Thunder were special DJs for Sukira~ VIXX’s N was a guest ^^ kkk Thunder and N were chatting here and there~ I wonder if they knew each other~

IMG_0956 IMG_0476 IMG_8562__8569_3 IMG_8714_3

Source: @DancingLeaderSH

Official Photos: 130427 DJs Thunder and GO selcas for Sukira Radio Show!

Official photos from Sukira~ Along with Vixx’s N and 2 female guests~

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