111011 MBLAQ (Thunder) @ Rain’s enlistment

The 5 blaqies were gathered at Rain’s enlistment day today to send him off.

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111007 Birthday greetings from Se7en, Rain, Ham Kyung Shik and members

Since it was Cheondung’s birthday today, the mblaq members (except Joon since he doesn’t have a twitter xD) and his hyungs each tweeted a birthday message to Doongie!


G.O (@MBLAQGO) Today is beloved Cheondoongie’s birthday! Everyone please congratulate him^^

Seungho (@MBLAQSH) Today is our Cheondungie’s birthday!
Please altogether celebrate with him and I’m recruiting the people who will do birth-bbang*^^

* birth-bbang’ is a kind of ceremony with beating for fun to celebrate his birthday

Mir (@bangmir) It’s Doong Doongie hyung’s birthday!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Kkyahahahaha!!

In which Thunder replied: Thank you maknae~ T_T see you later

Rest of the birthday greetings can be found under the cut!

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|VID| Making The BLAQ Style

Rain and MBLAQ interactions^^ I think our Doongie got a praise by Jihoon-hyung 😀

There is a english translation, just click on the description sign under the vid!

Source: Daum

Re-uploaded by ratoka300 @YT

|TWITTER| 110204 Thunder’s Lunar New Year greetings



Happy Lunar New Year!! Have a happy new year and may you have a lot of good fortune~!! ^____^


And I reply to Rain^^



Hyung~ I greeted you too… ㅠㅠ

Source: Thunder’s Twitter
Translation: AbsoluteMBLAQ

|TWITTER| 110110-13 Compilation of Thunder’s recent tweets




Now it’s a start (my dream) A journey for my dream (Pikachu) There’s no need to worry (no need) Because we are with A+~!!! ^______^ First start might be awkward (might be my friend A+~) I believe that you will protect guys me. There will be a trouble if anyone looks down on us ~!



A+ are always there for us no matter where it is You and I If we are together, we are the best~!! ^_____^ Whenever and wherever, with sincere heart, whenever and wherever, for that day~~~!!! 5 eagle siblings~ MBLAQ hwaiting~!!!

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