|VID| Cheondung’s BTS Interview for Raising Idols DVD

With so much thanks to our friends at Cheondung’s Korean fansite, That’s Right and the amazing uploader Toku, we bring you the BTS interview from the Beautiful Teacher’s Raising Idols DVD (Thunder Cut) that’s being released in Japan. You see some of the BTS of him shooting the Chapstick MV. ^^

The DVD is also available in YesAsia! 😀

Credits to Toku @ That’s Right/WithThunder

Please don’t take out without credits! Thanks.

|VIDS| Chundoong’s Skills/Capabilities: Part 1

You may have already watched these vids, but you might have overlooked something so here goes.. =)

IA Final Ep cut

cr. airtowns
→ Doongie did the choreography for his own performance. He also edited the music Mir used for his solo performance. ( I was trying to find a cut for Mir’s performance but I couldn’t find any.) This info is mentioned if you watch the subbed version of this episode. And…. the comments in this vid are love.. =)

Click to watch more vids showing Chundoong’s skills/capabilities

|INFO| 101001 “Raising Idols (Thunder Cuts)” DVD Will be Released in Japan

Click here for the brief translation