{UPDATED w/ Translation!} Video: [130808] MBLAQ & ReikMx Universal TV Press Conference in Mexico!

Transcription translation:

“Two groups, the first a trio of bohemian musicians. The second, 5 young men emerging from a global phenomenon, KPop

That’s right, Reik and the Korean group MBLAQ met up to exchange their culture and experiences.

El Universal (The Universal) exclusively witnessed this meet up between the two music groups.

The Mexican group, creator of the great hit “Que Vida La Mia” (“What Life of Mine”), were in charge of welcoming the Oriental quintet to show them the cultural beauty of Mexico. In October, they (Reik) will travel to South Korea to be well requited.

Jesus: “The truth is that this is an experiment. This is the first time something like this is being done. The first time this is being attempted. We are very proud and honored to represent Mexico and be able to take our music there (to South Korea). There are a lot of good things to Mexican Pop. There are a lot of good things in it.”

Even though this is the first time the Oriental group visits Mexico, the members assured us they already knew a few things about the Mexican culture.

During their visit to Mexico, MBLAQ, with Reik as their tour guide, toured a few touristic points throughout the city.

Seungho: “We went to Reforma, Reik gave us a tour from Reforma to Zocalo.”

Even though MBLAQ sings in Korean, they say the language is not a barrier for them – Music is universal.

On his part, Hong Sang Pyo, president of KOCCA, the company in charge of this exchange, explained why KPop has success throughout the world.

Hang Sang Pyo: “During the last decade, KPop has been driven through a system that looks to create the perfect idols of quality through a private sector. From it’s planning stages it must be a factor of success. To show a performance of high perfection with the objective to advance on the global market.”

With an almost sold out venue, the Korean group with hold their concert this 8th of August in the Pepsi Center in Mexico City, just another proof of the power KPop has in our country.

With information from Janice Meridan, El Universal Television.”

Source: leaderssong
Transcription translation by: @evieblue21

Twitter/Info: 130808 – Sneaky Thunder Follows 3 New People (@bibimarin, @ReikMx, @andreamuna)

Ack! Thunder, you’re so sneaky! You have time to follow other people but not say hi to us ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ N’ertheless, I still love you ♥ All three of them seems to be staffs from ReikMx! ^^


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Photos: [130807] Official Pics of MBLAQ & ReikMx @ Concert Press Conference in Mexico!

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{UPDATED!} Photos: [FAN-TAKEN] 130807 – MBLAQ w/ ReikMx at Concert Press Conference in Mexico



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Twitter: [@ReikMx] 130806 – MBLAQ with ReikMx – “And we all say ‘Hello Mexico!'”

Woo~~ MBLAQ in Mexico~


Translation: “And we all say ‘Hello Mexico’! #MblaqenMexico

*ReikMx seems to be 3-men musician group

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