Instagram: [150420 shpthunder] “Wkorea photoshoot” + Dara’s post



Wkorea photoshoot 🙂 #@wkorea #Cheondung #ParkSanghyun #:)



Sources: Cheondung and Dara’s official Instagram

Instagram: [150408 youarehandsome] “Who will be Cheondung’s partner?!”

150408youarehandsome 150408youarehandsome

French contemporary brand The Kooples‘ pictorial scene! Who will be Mr. boasting-perfect-proportions Cheondung’s partner?! Look forward to W May issue!

#thekoolpes #frenchbrand #wkorea #kpopstar #frenchstyle #coulpelook

#TheKooples #WKorea #kpopstar #couplelook #Cheondung #idol #kpop

Source: youarehandsome Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Twitter: [150307 krungy21] “The best little brother in the world”


@krungy21: “My younger brother made me a fresh strawberries shake 😍👍 A shake made with fresh strawberries! By the best little brother in the world 👉 Thunder!!!

Source: Dara’s official Twitter
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Instagram: [150218 daraxxi] “Our Princes”



daraxxi “Our Princes 😍😻 My babies ❤️ #cheondung #dadung #doongndoongs”

Source: Dara’s Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Twitter: [131007] Thunder Uploads a Funny pic of ‘Doong Dara Park’ + Dara’s Reply!


Thunder: “Thank you so much to all fans who wished me a happy birthday ㅜㅜ As a reply I am giving you a photo of myself as Doong Dara Park during a concert! Unfortunately the hair didn’t come out very well.. Either way! Thank you so so much!!”

Dara: “This… how would one know this is DoongDara Park ㅠㅠ Just! Just only the hair didn’t come out kekeke”

Source: @shpthunder, @krungy21
Translated by: @MBLAQSG, abm