HQ Scans: [131003] Handsome Thunder + MBLAQ for K Culture Digital Magazine!

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{UPDATED w/ HD} Magazine Scans: [131004] Thunder Goes Rugged for 2013 F/W Marie Claire 2 Accessories!

o///o…. ahem. *cough* >////<

마리끌레르_천둥4 마리끌레르_천둥5 마리끌레르_천둥1 마리끌레르_천둥3 마리끌레르_천둥2

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Magazine Scan: [130926] Thunder Looking Chic Casual for Vogue Girl Magazine!

OMGAH, I feel like it’s been forever since Doongie did solo shoots T-T I missed it.


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Magazine/Photos: [SCANS] 130921 – Dashing MBLAQ on Hanryu Pia Japanese Magazine!


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Photos/Scans: [130825] Mannequin-like Thunder Holds a Snake for ‘K& MBLAQ’ Zepp Tour Magazine!

Ah! Thunder holding a snake! This was from their ‘Sexy Beat’ album jacket photoshoot and remember how Thunder’s photocards were the only one that didn’t have a snake cos he said he was scared of them? Hahaha! It turns out he did hold them but he couldn’t maybe just take a shot w/ a snake on his shoulder!~~~ And his pink hair ~~~

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