Magazine Scans: [130722] Thunder is Ethereal-looking @ Haru Hana Magazine!

Oh his pink hair! Gah, it’s only been days since he’s dyed it back to black but gah, I miss his pink hair already! He looks gorgeous whatever color but his pink hair was just amazing on him! And he looks so handsome here *dies* ♥


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Magazine Scans: [130719] Thunder/MBLAQ on ‘Contents of Korea’ Magazine!

Aww, remember their guesting in Arirang’s ‘After School’ webisode? awww, our MBLAQ~~ ♥

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Photos: 130520 [SCANS] Chic MBLAQ for Cosmopolitan ‘Ready to Move’ Magazine

Can’t over how Thunder’s vibrant pink hair is just so eye-catching ^o^


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*UPDATED* Scans+TRANSLATION: 130416 Chic and laughing MBLAQ are all in black for K-RUSH Japanese Magazine Vol.08!

Ooooh, they look so serious kkk XD I love these japanese magazines and I love how Thunder’s hair just pops! Hopefully, someone will upload solo pics! Also, the mega-watt smiles are hilarious! kkk And gah, the JoonDoong love! HOMG! I missed it!


Blood Type: Type A
Size: 181 cm
Foot size: 26 cm

Favorite cafe menu: Hot chocolate and cocoa since I can’t drink coffee
Hobby: Watching movies
Food you’re current addicted to: Chocolate
Favorite brand: Balmain
Favorite shoe brand: Jordan


Each member is asked a question about Thunder, and they answered it from their perspectives.

-Seungho was asked what made Thunder sad recently.

Seungho: “I haven’t seen him much recently since he’s busy with filming “Nail Shop in Paris.” But I’ll tell you next time you interview me for sure!”

-Joon was asked what would make Thunder mad.

Joon: “When I take away his cellphone that he never let go of? Just kidding. He doesn’t get mad much. So, I think he won’t get mad no matter what you do to him.”

-G.O. was asked when Thunder seems happy.

G.O: “When he’s talking with his family on the phone.”

-Mir was asked what Thunder is recently focusing on (crazy about).

Mir: “Nails. He studies about nails because of his drama.”

-What is “true Thunder” that you can’t show to your fans?

Seungho: ” He’s crazy about his cat “Dadoong.” It’s just too much….can’t show it.”

G.O: “He’s full of love for his family. So when he’s talking with his family on the phone, he seems very happy.”

Joon: “Sometimes he smiles like an innocent little child. Oh, wait, I want to show that smile to our fans!”

Mir: “Surprisingly, he seems to like taking pictures. He poses funny and takes pictures during work. Once I saw him collecting those pictures (laugh).”


Thunder & Joon

Q: If you name this pair, what it would be?

Thunder: “I have a name in mind!”
Joon: “Isn’t it “Chang Sang Hyun”? (laugh)”
Thunder: “Yes! To make people know our real names! (laugh)”

Q: When do you feel “oh I am glad to be in the same group with this person”?

Thunder: “When I see Joon hyung in variety shows or drama. It makes me proud!”
Joon: “Thunder wears any clothes perfectly because of his figure. Don’t you think having a person like that in the group makes me look cool (good) also? (laugh)”

Thunder’s Ideal Mona Lisa

-Love is…
Thunder: “Thumpity-thump! (Pounding heart!)”

-Requirements for a woman you’d fall for…

“1. Someone I can feel secure and relax.
2. Someone who is charming (someone who has aegyo).
3. Someone who is innocent/pure”

-What kind of personality you’d want her to have?
Thunder: “Someone like noona (He didn’t refer to Dara, but he said older women).”

-What kind of fashion style do you want her to have?
Thunder: “Style that matches with mine.”

-Favorite scent?
Thunder: “The scent of soap”

-What kind of woman’s action makes you think “oh she’s cute!”?
Thunder: “When she laughs.”

-The first thing you see when you meet a woman
Thunder: “Eyes”

-When you like someone, what would you do first?
Thunder: “I will appeal (approach) to her by showing myself”

-What is your turned off?
Thunder: “When she uses bad words (when she cusses).”


Thunder & G.O.

Q: If you name this pair, what it would be?

G.O: “I heard that you want to name us “Byeong Sang Hyun” (laugh).”
Thunder:  “G.O. and Thunder, we both have stage names, so I want people to know our real names! So, “Byeong Sang Hyun” it is!”

Q: Please confess your “thanks too” that you haven’t said.

Thunder: “We haven’t said “thank you” much since we are in the same group.”
G.O: “Okay, then I go first! Thunder always listens to my story till the end, and I appreciate it a lot. Recently, we started to talk about composing music or anything music related. Even though Thunder is very tired from his work, he always listens to my endless talk. He’s really a nice kid.”
Thunder: “(Embarrassed). Then…I’d tell you too, “thank you so much too!”


Thunder’s answers when he was asked about his members

-Thunder was asked what Joon is recently focusing on (crazy about).

Thunder: “Iris 2.” He’s filling it right now!

-What is “true Joon” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “We are so honest, so there’s nothing we have to hide (laugh). But when he’s deeply asleep, he sleeps his mouth open. I don’t think we can show that.”


-Thunder was asked when Seungho seems happy.

Thunder: “When he eats (laugh).”

What is “true Seungho” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “There’s no “true Seugho” we want to hide..but I don’t want everyone to see Seungho hyung talking to his car (laugh).”


Thunder was asked what makes Mir mad.

Thunder: “Mir is a really positive kid, I haven’t seen him getting mad. But he’d be mad if someone loses his precious manga collection that he had collected so hard (laugh).”

-What is “true Mir” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “His cheerful and positive personality…everything you see in him is Mir’s “everything”, so there’s nothing to hide!”


-Thunder was asked what made G.O. sad recently.

Thunder: “He doesn’t show us those emotions even if he’s sad, but I heard that he cried when he watched some movie (laugh).”

-What is “true G.O.” that you can’t show to your fans?

Thunder: “The speed of his mustache/beard is really fast! So we can’t show him in the morning and at night when he doesn’t do any care.”


From Twitter: Fans requested the situations they wanted to see.

Thunder and Joon: (From a fan) “I remember you two did the parody of a commercial (the one with Dara and Lee Min Ho). Joon tried to kiss Thunder. Please do that again!”

Please show us your favorite choreography
*They showed “This is war” choreography.

Please show us your cutest expression that you’re confident with!
*Thunder did his kissy chu face ♥*



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Source: @bblunagd
Translated by: @minhoonha
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