Twitter: [@krungy21] 130604 Dara replies to OhThunder! *drowns in bliss* and tells us her favourite MBLAQ song!

GAH! FKSLDJFLASK;JF AKSLJF FEELS GUYS! FEELS! I don’t know if you guys know but I’m a huge blackjack (2NE1 fan) and Dara is my bias. She’s the reason how I came to love and know Thunder so you guys can just imagine my feels when I saw that Dara replied to me through OhThunder. /DIES/ I’m so speechless right now that for a moment Dara came to know my existence! XD Ahaha, just kidding. But really, Dara is the best for PR-ing MBLAQ out of love ♥

This is what happened, Dara tweeted this (below) and I responded that I personally liked ‘CRY’ and that ‘Smoky Girl’ was coming second. But! I realized she was asking about the songs in their new album so I deleted my tweets! GAH! But thank goodness, Dara saw my mention and replied!



Now if would just come back to Twitter and reply to us… ♥

Screencap/Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder

{UPDATED!!!} Video: 130511 [FANCAM] MBLAQ performances + talk at Ulsan Upsquare Event

LMFAO Joon and Thunder teasing Seungho to do aegyo~~~ And of course, our Yang Aegyo!

Seungho Aegyo Challenge + OH YEAH

Mona Lisa


Talk + Seungho Aegyo Challenge

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