Twitter: [130924] Thunder Tweets a Handsome Selca at the Recording Studio + Dara’s Reply!


Thunder: At the recording studio..^ㅡ^

Dara: Fighting fighting!!! ^.^

Source: @shpthunder, @krungy21
Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Twitter: [@MBLAQCD] 130622 – Thunder Shares a Cute Selca in his Work Room! – “Fascinating fascinating!”

Awww, our cutie Doong~~~ Of course, look at his traditional chu face~~ so cute~

Translation: “My work room! Together with the new purchased machine(maschine)!! The sound is good and it’s convenient! hehe Fascinating fascinating!”


Source: @MBLAQCD
Translated by:

Twitter: [@officialZHERA] 130615 – Solo Singer ZHera Uploads a Group Selca with MBLAQ!

Zhera, I believe, is a rookie solo singer that fairly just came out in the last couple of months ^^

Translation: “#ZHERA STAFF DIARY Update 😀 The second story of the Music Bank Broadcast site has been uploaded to the DAUM FAN CAFE! Fans please show it lots of love 🙂 #ZHERA #PEACOCK #MBLAQ #MBLAQ”

Source: @officialZHERA
Translated by: Afrah

Twitter: [@afterclub1077] After Club Radio Twitter Uploads Group Selca with MBLAQ

Translation: “DJ Primary’s “Club Groove” will be broadcasted on AfterClub tonight. We met the six men who are the most chic lately!! The most dark night 3 o’clock radio, let’s meet on Facebook, Twitter, Text message(#1077), Kakao Talk!”


Source: @afterclub1077
Translated by: Holly@ABM

Twitter: [@jun2dakay] 130614 – 2PM’s Jun.K Updates with a Selca with 2PMBLAQ!

Translation: “2PMBLAQ ~~ At the waiting room today keke

Source: @jun2dakay
Translated by: Afrah