Twitter: [@gutaewon] 130609 – Goo Tae Won Tweets a Group Photo with MBLAQ (sans Joon)

Translation: “Prepare for the first broadcast you’ve gone through a lot This is now the start~~~ MBLAQ fighting!! Dduswi~~dduswi”


Source: @gutaewon
Translated by: Afrah @ ABM

Twitter: [@krungy21] 130609 – Dara Shares a Heart-Warming Park Siblings Selca + Thunder’s Manner Legs

I always look forward to Park Siblings selcas~ While of course, Dara was primarily there to support her fellow member, CL, Dara always finds a way to support Thunder ♥ Really, Park Siblings is the best~~

Translation: “Cheondoong did manner legs for his small noona~ Aigo! Whose little brother are you~?!? ^___^ Proud~”


Translation: “We’re the warm siblings today too!!! Dara & Cheondung^.^”


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @kristinekwak, @ilove2NE1girls

Photo: [130608] Super Cute Close-Up Selca of Thunder

So so so so cute! I think this is Doongie’s tradtional selca pose~ A small smile with kitty cat eyes~~ ♥

Source: YJEPB

Twitter: [@MBLAQSH] 130608 Seungho Updates with A Delicious Selca of MBLAQ

kekeke Seungho is always trying to eat Thunder! Well, Thunder does look delicious~ Hahaha~~ This was probably backstage of Music Bank comeback.

Translation: “We’ll eat lots of the food food food taken care of by our fans and go for first place he I love A+♡”

Source: @mblaqsh
Translated by: Holly @ ABM

|PIC| 110208 MBLAQ @ Choi Hwajung Powertime FM

It seems that only 3 of them went to this radio show!

Why so cute Doong? xD and what’s with leader’s expression^^

Source: Choi Hwajung Powertime FM Website