Video: [FULL CUT] MBLAQ on ‘All The KPOP’ + 2NE1’s Sandara Phone Call to Thunder

Watch it guys! So funny! The fated SeungDoong pepero game & of course, Park Siblings! ♥ I love how Thunder is the only man in this Earth that would possibly dare and simply hang up on Dara XD Maybe he didn’t want the other members to be talking to Dara? kkk

Full Cut

Seungho & Thunder’s Fated Pepero Game!

Thunder cooking cut!

Before Dara revealed herself, she said that she was Thunder’s “friend” who goes to his house.

Dara: “I am Cheondung’s friend”
Host: “What friend?”
Dara: “We’re very close. I also go to his house often.”

Host: “What kind of Dongsaeng is Thunder with this Noona?” Dara: “Who are you?”

Dara: “I was not feeling well but couldn’t go home at dawn (maybe from YG) and there was a problem that time, so at 2AM, he (Thunder) came to fetch me and brought me home…”

Dara was asked by the hosts to say two lines about/for CHEON-DUNG. For Cheon, Dara said, “MY ANGEL” and for “DOONG”, Dara said, “Doong-ah, I love you!”

Dara on Thunder’s name:
Cheon = Cheonsa gateun (like an angel)
Doong = Doong-ah saranghanda (I love you)

They handed the phone to Thunder, he said: Big Sis~

Dara said: Oh! Dog-poop!
Thunder: See you tomorrow!
Dara: Oh,bye
Thunder: *ends call*

Thunder talked to Dara and only said “See you tomorrow!” then he hung up. Everyone was laughing and he said “I have nothing to say”

Source: yjepb Pak, thunder mblaq
Translated by: @KwonAui88 + @ilove2ne1girls

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kkk MBLAQ members just love playing around with Thunder XD Hahah of course, A+ protects our baby Doong but MBLAQ will never hurt him~~ hehehe they just tease him oh so cutely~ I loved it when Seungho was about to “hit” Thunder and the fans went “NOOOOOO” and Seungho had this priceless face XD kkk



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kkkk seriously, I love SeungDoong! And I love how our Yang Leader wants to just touch & hoggle all over our Doongie! Who wouldn’t? LMFAO! Maybe he has a thing for Thunder’s lips since he has kissed them before kkkk ♥


Source: @AllTheKPOP
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