Photos: [130624] Thunder & Seungho w/ Make-up Artist Hwang Yujeong

Since it was just Thunder & Seungho, I believe this was from their ‘1000 Song Challenge’ show ^^

엠블랙천둥 엠블랙승호

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Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130605 – Thunder, Seungho and G.O at SBS Smile People Recording

So cute~ I can’t wait for this show! ByungSeungDoong!

130605_dayplay_0959 img_6428

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Twitter: [@MBLAQSH] 130608 Seungho Updates with A Delicious Selca of MBLAQ

kekeke Seungho is always trying to eat Thunder! Well, Thunder does look delicious~ Hahaha~~ This was probably backstage of Music Bank comeback.

Translation: “We’ll eat lots of the food food food taken care of by our fans and go for first place he I love A+♡”

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Translated by: Holly @ ABM

{UPDATED!!!} Video: 130511 [FANCAM] MBLAQ performances + talk at Ulsan Upsquare Event

LMFAO Joon and Thunder teasing Seungho to do aegyo~~~ And of course, our Yang Aegyo!

Seungho Aegyo Challenge + OH YEAH

Mona Lisa


Talk + Seungho Aegyo Challenge

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*UPDATED* Photos: 130420 Bare-faced MBLAQ (sans Joon) attends the wedding of GO’s sister!

It seems that MBLAQ except for Joon attended the wedding of GO’s sister today! Doongie’s hair isn’t specially styled and hahahaha, it just looks… interesting XD lol they all look like they don’t have any make-up on! kkk Congratulations Byunghee and your sister!



CYMERA_20130420_170445 CYMERA_20130420_170247

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