Photos/Scans: [130825] Mannequin-like Thunder Holds a Snake for ‘K& MBLAQ’ Zepp Tour Magazine!

Ah! Thunder holding a snake! This was from their ‘Sexy Beat’ album jacket photoshoot and remember how Thunder’s photocards were the only one that didn’t have a snake cos he said he was scared of them? Hahaha! It turns out he did hold them but he couldn’t maybe just take a shot w/ a snake on his shoulder!~~~ And his pink hair ~~~

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Video: [FANCAM] 130615 – Kiddie-like Thunder at MBLAQ ‘Sexy Beat’ Fan-Sign Event!

lol he can’t sit still just like a little kid XD

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HD Photos: [130604] Playful Thunder at MBLAQ’s ‘Sexy Beat’ Showcase

HOMG. We are forever grateful to thatsright for always sharing these awesome HD photos ♥ MY GOSH, Thunder looks divine! He’s just like a walking adonis statue~

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Video: [PERF] 130613 – MBLAQ performs Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl on Mnet! Countdown

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{UPDATED!} Video: [130612] MBLAQ Special Interview + Comeback Performance at Show Champion

Gah, couldn’t focus cos of Thunder’s sexy slit of an outfit and then our pabo Joon ♥


Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl

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