Video: [CUT] 130608 MBLAQ Backstage Interview + Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl Comeback Performance at Music Core

OTL. Seriously, our boys are just so silly XD Mir is so hyper! HOMGG and is it me or is the point of interest in Thunder’s outfit seems to be his chest and collarbones… =////= seriously loving Sexy Beat choreo! And the fanchants was super awesome!

Backstage interview

Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl

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News Article: [130608] MBLAQ Members Say They Don’t Go to Clubs to Meet Girls

The MBLAQ members take their smooth moves to the club in the music video for latest single Smoky Girl, but the boys say they much prefer to stay home than hit the clubs in real life.

We sat down with the idol group to talk about its comeback, following MBLAQ’s Sexy Beat showcase in Seoul on June 4, where clubbing and meeting girls was the topic of conversation.

When we asked which member frequents the clubs, all of the members said emphatically, ”We really don’t go to clubs.” They added, “It’s not fun, to be honest.”

Leader SeungHo said, “If we want to drink, we can just buy soju and drink it at home. If we want to dance, we can just dance in the rehearsal room,” before Mir chimed in, saying “We dance every day.”

Thunder said, “You can wait at the hottest club for 365 days, and we won’t be there.”

So where do the MBLAQ members meet girls then?

The boys played coy, responding with teasing answers that ranged from meeting girls through messenger to playing online games.

Meanwhile, Thunder said with confidence, “It’s not like girls are only at clubs.”

“To be honest, we don’t meet a lot of girls,” said Mir. ‘We like to play with each other.”

Looks like the boys’ pelvic thrusts are meant for their fans’ eyes only, and we′re sure the fans have no problem with that.

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Video: [PERF] 130607 Sexy MBLAQ Comes Back with SEXY BEAT + SMOKY GIRL on Music Bank!

FJASLKDFJASDKF. PERFECT. DYING. INCOHERENT. leave me your thoughts as I try to stay coherent. OTL

MBLAQ + Rainbow Backstage in Waiting Room

Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl

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HD Photos: [130604] More Dashing Thunder at MBLAQ ‘Smoky Girl’ Showcase


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Videos: [FANCAMS] 130604 Sexy Classy MBLAQ at ‘Smoky Girl’ Showcase!

[FULL] MBLAQ ‘Smoky Girl’ Showcase

Seungho lost belly fat

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