[UPDATED w/ 7 more] Photos: Thunder hanging out with SHINee’s KEY and JONGHYUN at Dominic’s Way S/S 2012 Collection

Omo! This was when Thunder attended Dominic’s Way  S/S 2012 Collection during Seoul Fashion Week last year! SHINee’s Key and Jonghyun attended too but omo, I didn’t know they interacted! Thunder said before on ‘Idol Manager’ that he had become friends with Jonghyun recently~ I wonder were they friends here already? I was confused but this event was for the spring/summer collection for 2013.

IMG_1170 IMG_1171 BIk2wzzCUAAj6pt IMG_1158

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Source: ML_SL, 0130popo @naverblog
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

|FANVID| Cooking Skills: Shinee vs MBLAQ

This is not new but since we don’t have anything much today, let’s watch this fanvid. Let us see who are the members of Shinee and MBLAQ that are similar when it comes to cooking. Guess! Guess! 😀

Warning: Thunder’s part is at the end. Also, just don’t mind his hairdo!! 😉 😀

cr. LeahPhoon

Blogger’s note: You may find my imagination wild/ crazy but I just find it a really weird coincidence that you can link the Park Siblings because of a sandwich.. Well, remember Dara’s guesting in Strong Heart and they mentioned Key and Minho? I’m not sure what’s that about but Dara said that he has a crush on Minho (lol, but she also said that it won’t work out..) And in this vid, Thunder and Minho are similar and about Key, he made a sandwich for Thunder in Raising Idols. He even posted a pic of them, with the sandwich, in his Me2Day. 😀 😀

|PICS+VID| Other Chinese Fansites Birthday Greetings to ChundoongThunderDoongie

These are from Thunder’s Baidu Bar. A lot of other fansites dropped by there to say their birthday greetings/ messages to ChundoongThunderDoongie.  But I’m just going to share some of the birthday pics they made for ChundoongThunderDoongie. ♥♥♥

Some of these fansites are Beast China, F(x) China, Khuntoria, YG, FT Island.. etc..

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