Video: [PERF] 130626 – MBLAQ Performs ‘Smoky Girl’ on Show Champion!


Photo: [130626] Thunder’s Self-Drawing for ‘Show Champion’ Episode 65

Hahaha XD lol so cut! MBLAQ drew themselves & this is Doongie’s drawing!


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Video: [CUT] 130619 – MBLAQ Interview + ‘Smoky Girl’ Performance on Show Champion

lol joondoong, seungdoong! So cute! LMFAO At Mir’s laugh and the staffs laugh when Joon’s voice cracked! XD

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{UPDATED!} Video: [130612] MBLAQ Special Interview + Comeback Performance at Show Champion

Gah, couldn’t focus cos of Thunder’s sexy slit of an outfit and then our pabo Joon ♥


Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl

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Twitter: [@showchampion1] Show Champion Twitter Shares a Cute Maknae Line Selca

Awww, kkk the fake maknae and the real maknae! Either way, the maknae line~

Translation: “MBLAQ Chundoong and Mir~ Cuteness stuck on their faces^^ But on the stage eyes are focused! Gushing sexy~ Please confirm the Show Champion original live broadcast in a little while at 6 o’clock!”

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Translated by: Holly @ ABM