Photos/Scans: [130825] Mannequin-like Thunder Holds a Snake for ‘K& MBLAQ’ Zepp Tour Magazine!

Ah! Thunder holding a snake! This was from their ‘Sexy Beat’ album jacket photoshoot and remember how Thunder’s photocards were the only one that didn’t have a snake cos he said he was scared of them? Hahaha! It turns out he did hold them but he couldn’t maybe just take a shot w/ a snake on his shoulder!~~~ And his pink hair ~~~

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Photo: 130721 – Thunder Cutely Draws a Snake on a Fan’s Photo Album!

As you may all remember, Thunder was the only member who didn’t take a photo with a snake during their MBLAQ ‘Sexy Beat’ album photoshoot! XD It was because he was scared of them! Ahaha, so on a recent fan-sign event (at Busan, I believe) one of the korean fans received a super cute note from Thunder! As you can see below, Thunder drew his own version of snake on his album photo along with his signature! Ahahaha! This is so cute!



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Photos: [FANTAKEN] Unseen(?) Solo Shots of MBLAQ at ‘Sexy Beat’ Photobook!

Ah, to be clear these pictures seemed to be included in the ‘Sexy Beat’ album where a photobook is included ^^ I’m posting since some hasn’t seen it~

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