Video: [CUT] 130221 Chic Thunder doing archery at the UNCUT version of MBC’s Sports Idol Olympics

Once again, Thunder is too chic ♥

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Photo: [CAP] 130211 Chic Thunder trending #1 at Naver

Because of stoic, chic Doong shooting that bullseye during the archery game, he trended #1 on Naver! Amazing, our chic Doong!



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Videos: [CUTS] 130211 Athletic MBLAQ at MBC Sports Idol Olympics

Wow!!! Thunder and his poker face during the archery competition! And when he hit the bulls-eye! Truly that’s our chic Doong! Everyone was cheering and came up to him all surprised and happy and Thunder just had his poker face XD


Archery Part 1

Archery Final

*Chic Thunder starts at 3:08

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Twitter: [JTUNE] 130211 Jtune updates with happy MBLAQ and their medals for Sports Idol Olympics!

So so so cute! Thunder was just so chic and stoic during the event but look at him smiling cos of his model~~ Ayooo, this boy ♥ And Seungho is too cute holding his invisible medal XD


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