|CAPS| 101002 KBS Star Golden Bell

I just watched this episode yesterday and atleast we got some Doongie glimpses^^

These caps are showing so many diffrent expressions of our cute Doongie~~

Credit: leechangsun @AbsoluteMBLAQ

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|SHOW| 101002 Cheondoong Calling His Dara Noona in Star Golden Bell

EDIT: I read this comment of Holly from ABM: “I saw a cut of Thunder talking about what he has the member’s listed as on his phone and the only one who is not in it is Mir because Thunder sent Mir two text messages over Chuseok but didn’t get a reply so he deleted him, lmao. Thunder is just like Sandara.” 😀

Source: DC2NE1
Re-Up: OhDara

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