Twitter: 130524 [@kafahr] Park Soo Cheol Shares a Still Cut of Dandy Jin and Playful Staff

lol so cute

Translation: “Enjoy watching the 5th episode of Nail Shop Paris. MBC Queen tonight at 23:00. MBC Dramanet 25th May at midnight (What’s in the photo? Jin)”

Source: @kafahr
Translated by: MBLAQSG

Twitter: 130522 [@nailshop2013] ‘NSP’ Twitter Shares Handsome Boy Next Door ‘JIN’ Still Cut!

HOMG Just… handsome, Thunder knows how to work it. Seriously. Just that pose and smile ;;

Rough Translation: “Smiling wide, cutie Jin~”


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Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Photo: 130516 [OFFICIAL] Doodling Thunder at ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Drama Still Cut

I really don’t know what Thunder was doing in this picture OTL lol he seems to be doodling and holding a gel tube of some sort?


Source: MBC
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@Ohthunder

Twitter: 130516 [@nailshop2013] ‘NSP’ Twitter shares a confused-looking Jin and Yeoju drama still cut

lol why the confused faces? lol XD

Translation: *will update soon*

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Twitter: 130503 [@nailshop2013] Thunder and Flower Boy nailists rehearsing in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ still cut

Translation: *will update once available*


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