Photos: [130723] Thunder & MBLAQ are Serious-Looking on ‘The Dramatic’ Idol Drama Stills

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Photos: [130608] Official Stills of Thunder in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 05-06

I have yet to watch Ep. 6 so I’m not sure about the 2nd pic but it’s Thunder driving? HOMG, I need to watch ep. 6 soon. Also, /sighs/ I’m sure you’ve watched ep.5 and Thunder dancing with Jisoo in the club. OTL They’re so close in here.

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Twitter: [@nailshop2013] 130607 – NSP Twitter Shares Photos of Jin in Drama Stills

Blonde Doong or Pink Doong, they both look handsome ♥

Translation: “In contrast to the sideline job, Jin who is working faithfully on a customer’s nail~ But this doesn’t seem to be Paris’ hall….”

Translation: “What is so special about this place where Yeoju, Alex & Jin has come to… with two charming senior citizens~^^ But then where is Kei?”

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Translated by: Afrah @ ABM