Instagram: [150319 suremag] “Returning with a heartwarming appearance!”


Returning with a heartwarming appearance, #MBLAQ #Cheondung! Transforming into an actor with the name Park Sanghyun, check out his photoshoot and interview on the April issue of @suremag!

Source: SURE Magazine official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

News: ‘Turned Actor’ Cheondung, “The 5 years of MBLAQ activities was precious..A golden age”

This was what Cheondung said about the last 5 years of activity as a singer from the group MBLAQ.

The fashion magazine SURE just released the photos of now-turned actor Cheondung for their April issue.

With his real name Park Sanghyun, he will begin acting in the MBC weekend drama airing this April “Make a Woman Cry” as the male lead Song Chang-eui’s son Hyunseo. (A/N: Previous reports have been nephew.)  To be able to act as a weak/fragile character, he is working hard to adjust his current diet and stand before the camera with a look that has a sense of darkness.

This is not Cheondung’s first time acting. Having just entered into a new agency and with a fresh determination to begin the first step, he worked on the pictorial and interview with the look and intention of seriousness.

There is a part of Hyunseo that is similar to my real personality, the part that is fragile and that feels sadness is similar, but the way of speaking is different and that I am currently studying on. It’s not easy to do.

He told us that he treasures the three characters of the name MBLAQ (엠블랙), thinking of the five years of activity as a “golden age,” while expressing the openness to the idea of change.

Check out Cheondung’s cool interview and photoshoot on the April issue of SURE.

Source: Newsen
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

(Updated!) Cheondung in SURE magazine April 2015 issue



Top and pants, pushBUTTON
Denim long coat, 87MM
Sneakers, Fred Perry


Neat top, Marni by Boon the Shop
Blue wide pants, 87MM


Shorts, COS
White double jacket, MCM
High-waist wide pants, 87MM
Silver ring, H.R


Chalk stripe long coat, 87MM


Herringbone pattern jacket and chino pants, Emporio Armani
Denim round top, Etude by Thisclose
Sneakers, ASICS

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@cho072: “Thunder has become (more) handsome. #Thunder #SURE #photoshoot”

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Instagram: [150312 suremag] “What should I talk to him about?”


suremag “A photo of talking with #Cheondung. What should I talk to him about? #MoreseriousthanIthought #SanghyunPark is cool #MBLAQ Thunder’s #transformation #cheeringon -HJH”

*HJH must be the person in the photo with Cheondung.

Source: SURE magazine official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder