Video: 130306 Handsome Thunder speaks Tagalog and invites A+s at MBLAQ’s First Contact in the Philippines!

KAJLSKDJkals HOMGAHHHH! Thunder speaks Tagalog! His filipino accent doesn’t sound bad at all! GOODNESS, gracious ♥ And based on his outfit, he seemed to have filmed this when he was filming ‘Nail Shop Paris’ couple of weeks ago!

Video translation:

“Hey guys, I’m super excited to see all of you again! Let’s all see each other at Aliw Theater on March 31, Sunday for MBLAQ’s First Contact!”

Source: KpopCon Philippines
Translated by: kamepichan@OhThunder

|VIDS+TWEETS| Chundoong Speaking Tagalog

MBLAQ’s greeting to Malaysian fans – starts at 0:44
→ I’m not sure when they shot this but they released this vid end of July 2010

Credit: Kul82014

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