|FCAMS| 100819-23 MBLAQ in Taiwan Event

These fancams were taken August 19 to 23 during MBLAQ’s visit to Taiwan. Others may have already seen/ watched these. But since there’s not much going on these days, it won’t do harm to re-watch them again. 😉 And of course, these fancams will be mostly Thunder biased.. 😀

NOTE: the different fancams posted cover their arrival, stalking in the restaurant, stalking the hotel, lobby, MBLAQ’s fansign, Thunder’s solo performance, random encounter and their departure.. 😉

Arrival – August 19

cr. charlyfishyu

Watch the rest of the fancams here..

|VID+TRANS| 100916 MTV 日韓音樂瘋- Taiwan Interview

So this is one of the Taiwanese music programs that interviewed MBLAQ during their Taiwan trip. G.O was basically in charge 4/5 of the interview, but Doongie got to answer a few questions too.

Calvin from Fahrenheit [飞轮海] introduced MBLAQ and then it was the female host that took care of the interview [she is actually a Korean].  They talked about their first impression of Taiwan, Lee Joon’s health problem, how they maintain their great bodies, how Rain gave them new bags for their trip, leaving a message to Rain, memorable things the fans have done for them…

Then they talked about how to pose so you can show off a beautiful body or how to look handsome~! G.O said, when Cheondung is posing for some photoshoots he always become the main focus, so he suggested that Cheondung should show us some poses.

Doongie became a bit shy [so cute xD] and said after the cheerings “didn’t expect such enthustiastic responses.” He then continued to say that pose while standing is important but even when you sit and want to display a good bodyline, the angle is very important. His legs became so long^^ and G.O is teaching you how to significantly show your neckline so that your face looks smaller 🙂

And then the host got to the question where she asked “What kind of features that MBLAQ have that is unlike the other groups?” DoongDoong said that he had discovered something that is unlike anyone, which is that everyone’s voice is unique. Suddenly Joon burst out a “Moo?” which means “What?” Then Doongie had to explain that to him again^^ A little JoonDoong moment x__X

And this interview ended with the members messages to the Taiwanese fans.~

Credit: yinglisa5387 @YT

|SCANS+TRANS| K-stars Magazine issue no.7

Here is another magazine that covered their Taiwan trip^^

So there weren’t so much new interesting info about Doongie and the rest. Most info are something that we A+ already know since before. But there were some highlights that I want to point out^^ Unfortunately the scans are not so clear, so it’s hard to see what it says in the folding >.

They described the first impression you will get when they first debuted. Their outer appearences and the choice of outfit made most of us think of, “Interview with the Vampire” starring Brad Pitt, “The Twiight Saga” starring Robert Pattinson, that oozes with deadly danger but with a difficult seductive attractiveness to them. And on-stage, MBLAQ with their sexy outfits and charisma firmly grabbed the teenagers’ attention @^^@

And then something that caught my eyes is the question they asked MBLAQ: It says that “Lee Joon bragged about how popular he is among the girls during “Idol Army”, so which is the most memorable dating experience that you have had?”

Doongie answered: “When me and Rain hyung went to watch a 3D….” Then I didn’t get to see what it says because of the folding >.< But I can assume that it was a movie they went to see. Poor doongie, his most memorable thing is with his Boss xDxD

Source: K-stars issue no.7

Scans by HoneyLuv @AbsoluteMBLAQ

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|TWITTER| 100815 MBLAQ manager’s tweets

This was awhile ago, but MBLAQ’s manager tweeted two cutie pics of the blaqies and aren’t they too adorable?^^

Unfortunately, I don’t know the Bear managers twitter account so no link to the original source >.<


We just arrived at Japan, like everyone else, when arrived at the airport, our cute Joonie and Thunder doing a victory V sign while taking a picture with the airport as the background keke

Source: Bear Manager Oppa twitter
Translations: whatthecheryl @ABM
Re-up by AbsoluteMBLAQ
Do not take translations out without credits.


Here are two more magazines that interviewed MBLAQ while they were in Taiwan for the Mnet Ultimate Live in Taiwan Concert (MUSIF). ^^ Thunder didn’t get the chance to answer many questions, but in the PLAY magazine’s interview, the questions were directed to all five and all five answered it.

For Doongie’s intro, he said that he is the member that looks like the youngest. ^^ (Fake maknae XD)

The second question was to introduce some local korean facts to Taiwanese fans (food, music, famous places, etc.). Doongie recommended K-pop and to see Rain’s concert so they can feel Rain’s onstage charm. (Doongie never forgets to promote his own boss. ^__^)

The last question was “Which country do you want to travel to if you had the chance?” Doongie’s answer had to be so different and unique; he said, the Bermuda triangle! Because when he was little he had heard that it was a mysterious and terrifying place so he want to experience it by himself to see if it was true. ^^

Source: 《Play》&《COLOR》2010.9
Caps by sherrysss
Re-up by raincloudhk, MBLAQ Baidubar

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