HD Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130519 Cheerful Thunder + MBLAQ at Dream Team 2 Recording!

GAH, HD photos ♥ Always thank you, That’s Right ㅠㅠ But omona, those pics with Thunder staring and carrying that girl… >_< omo.

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Source: thatsright
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

|PICS| 110205 Thunder’s Gift Support from “That’s Right”

Maybe these gift are gave this to Doongie because of the celebration of the Lunar New Year?^^

Korean A+ are so JJIANG! WOW!

Source: Bestiz | http://www.withthunder.com

|FCAM| 101028 Rehearsal – G20 Event

Oh, WithThunder pips were there when he wore one of their birthday gifts. How nice. WithThunder / That’s Right must be really happy to see him wear that. 😀

cr. That’s Right/ http://www.withthunder.com