*UPDATED w/ BTS* Video: [FULL] 130802 – MBLAQ on ‘The Dramatic’ Music Idol Drama Episode 1


Thunder’s character seems to be student who’s been in New York, California and London

Behind The Story

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Photo: [130802] Another Still of MBLAQ for ‘The Dramatic’ Music Idol Drama

So excited! It’s airing tonight!

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Video: [PREVIEW] 130726 – MBLAQ Waits for One Girl on ‘The Dramatic’ Music Drama Preview!

Omo, omo seriously can’t wait for this! It seems that MBLAQ are all vying for one girl? Oh my, how lucky! kkk Thunder looks pensive ♥

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Video: [TEASER] 130724 – MBLAQ + Other Idols for ‘The Dramatic’ Idol Drama

HOMGG, MBLAQ acting with other idols in this idol drama! Can’t wait! I hope Thunder gets some good scenes and uses his acting from ‘Nail Shop Paris’ as experience! Other idol groups I see are ZEA’s Kwanghee, Girl’s Day and Rainbow ^^

*MBLAQ on ‘The Dramatic’ Idol Drama will air on August. 2 (Ep.1) and August. 9 (Ep. 2)

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Photos: [130723] Thunder & MBLAQ are Serious-Looking on ‘The Dramatic’ Idol Drama Stills

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